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Urban, cosy and bohemian. Welcome to our culture campus! The location of the Metropolia campus is in the art district of Arabia, 5 kilometres from the city centre of Helsinki. The area holds cultural and historical significance; Arabia is well known for its old factories of glassware and ceramics. Our two campus buildings are located inside these old factories, along with a design centre, two libraries, multiple homeware boutiques and a brand new XR centre. We are surrounded by a beautiful bay area and the neighbourhood of Kumpula with its colourful wooden houses. The stunning recreational area of Lammassaari opens up on the other side of the bay.

Peak expertise in the heart of culture. Our campus brings together all Metropolia’s 1400 students of media, fashion, design and music. In our studies, we take a practical stance right from the beginning, focusing on real-life situations and customer cases. We call for the importance of group projects, individuality and open atmosphere. Our campus is supplied with the best equipment and staff to help you bring your wildest ideas to life. We like to take our work seriously, but have fun while doing so.

Amazing opportunities. Metropolia itself is the largest, the most international and the most popular University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Our student unions offer multiple opportunities to immerse yourself in the Finnish student life and take part in different activities all over our beautiful country. Our umbrella student union, Metka, is the organiser for some of the most well-known student events in Helsinki area, like the Kaljaasi cruise and KontulaAppro pub crawl. 


Vivid city life and nature. Helsinki is hands down the best city to spend your exchange. Being the largest city in Finland, we are located in the South by the shore of the Baltic Sea. Everything here is close by, and the city centre is entirely walkable. Our public transportation is top-notch, ranging from trains to city bikes. Outdoor destinations and the sea are just behind the corner; take a relaxing after work stroll in the Central Park, hike in the Nuuksio National Park or explore the archipelago on your days off. Fresh and clean environment and well-organised services provide a practical and enjoyable lifestyle.

Plenty of activities throughout the year. During winter the city lits up with different illuminations, transforming familiar buildings and spaces into art. Savour the winter days by ice skating in one of the city’s multiple ice parks or travel to Suomenlinna sea fortress to hunt some gnomes on The Trail of the Fortress Gnome. During summer, Helsinki comes to life with live music and performance artists. No illuminations are needed since we enjoy up to 19 hours of daylight. Travel to Seurasaari to adore the Midsummer bonfires or jam out to local music at Kallio Block Party. Weekend getaways are easy to arrange, as cities of Turku, Tampere and many others are only a few hours away. For a more international escape, reach St. Petersburg by train and Stockholm and Tallinn by ferry.

Diverse and lively community. Helsinki is known for its culturally active citizens. Residents of all ages and backgrounds blend nicely together with temporary visitors, coming together to enjoy the city’s multiple cafes, museums and design boutiques. Helsinki hosts many events for the amuse of us all. We are home to, for example, Lux Light Festival, Helsinki Coffee Festival, Tuska Metal Festival, Flow Festival, Night of the Arts, Slush and multiple Christmas markets.


Versatile surroundings. Finland is the land of thousands of lakes and forests. Well known as a cold winter wonderland, but if you spend a year in Finland, you will, in fact, experience four full seasons of the year, each having their beauty and feel. In contrast to the darkness of the winter, during summer, nature lights up, and we experience one of the most iconic natural phenomena, the midnight sun.

A special blend of cultures. Finland has fascinating location geographically as a place where the East meets the West, Scandinavian flavour with a touch of Eastern Europe and Baltics. You can sense it in the atmosphere and culture as well as find it from your plate. Finnish cuisine has been inspired by Swedish, Russian and even German cuisines. What comes to the Finnish language, it’s of its own kind. But don’t worry, if you are new to this unique mystery language, English is widely spoken, and you can easily get service both in English and Swedish.

One of a kind natural phenomena. Southern Finland offers the experience of the practical and organised city life of the capital area, but to experience nature’s fireworks head up towards North. The light phenomenon only experienced near the arctic circle, the Northern Lights, has found its home in the Finnish culture. An old Sami legend tells that as a Fox runs across the Arctic fells, it lights up the sky with sparks flying from its tail, whirling up the snow. The modern Finnish term for Northern Lights “revontulet” (literally meaning fox’s fires) derives from this myth. The best time to witness Northern Lights is during dark hours with a clear night sky. They are visible from late August until early April.


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